Ask the Expert: Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Host

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Selecting a web host isn’t easy if you haven’t done it before. With a multitude of providers ranging from your own web design company to GoDaddy’s monstrous hosting system, navigating the world of web hosting can be tricky. In order to ensure you’re thinking about the best case scenario for your company rather than merely following the pack, here are some suggestions for things to watch out for when entrusting a company to keep you online:

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Copying Mail by IMAP To Google Apps (Or another server)

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SO.  There I was, migrating mail from one legacy server to Google Apps.  I’m familiar with IMAP and POP3, but I wasn’t getting very far using Office 365 and Google’s User Sync tool to get the mail imported.  The furthest I could get was getting the labels to add programmatically through the sync tool.  However, no mail would transfer with it.

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