October 26, 2015 Erin Bernhard

Meet the Team: Aaron Carpenter, CEO and Web Architect

At the helm of the Legendary Lion ship is Aaron and he’s directing us with full steam ahead. Aaron keeps us on our toes with his trusting but expectant management style and his interest in teaching us everything he knows. You can learn more about Aaron’s love for his company here:

How long have you been a part of the team?
I’ve been a part of Legendary Lion since its conception. Since then, I’ve worked to build the business and team to become an agency of specialists that can support each other on projects.

What’s your favorite part of your job?
Every day is different, and every day is awesome. Inspiring clients come into the office, and their eyes light up as they talk about their business and how they want to get out there to help more people. My favorite part of this job is being able to interact with those people every day. We always have at least one thing in common: we’re very dedicated to and excited about what we do professionally.

Legendary Lion Web Design | Meet the Team: Aaron Carpenter, CEO and Web Architect

Aaron admits that he’s most often seen with a mug of coffee in his hand.

What are you doing when you’re not in the Lions’ Den?
A lot of things really. I enjoy playing guitar and singing at open mic nights. I also enjoy board games — there is something similar with them to web design in that there is a system, rules, and a strategy to make the most of them. More often than not, I find myself reading about new technology, or find myself jumping into a tutorial to learn a new method or expansion of web design.

What industry skills are you currently honing?
I’ve just wrapped up full stack JavaScript development. I’m now working on python, which is a different programming language that isn’t quite as popular as what we work in, but it has unique advantages. It’s like learning multiple languages. It helps to know several because it helps you understand better how languages work, and adds to your work expertise.

What’s your favorite Spotify discovery?
To date, it has been Wizard Motor, by Mogwai on the Les Revenants album. It was released on 2014-12-27. No lyrics, just a soft rhythm to a harder, intent-full, progression. This is the type of music I typically most like to listen to as I work.

Which LL project have you enjoyed most thus far?
Oh man, my favorite project so far has been Wellness Links. I have been working on a platform that integrates different software together in a health management dashboard that involves patients, physical therapists, employers and insurance agencies. It’s been a fantastic project.

Are you a coffee person or a beer person?
Oof. If I had to choose? Beer.

I always have a cup of coffee in the morning, and I often have beer in the evening. How could you not, the microbreweries in Traverse City are amazing!

If you could develop any app, what would it do?
I’m currently working on an app, for fun, that is an automatic gardening system. It teaches the user how to garden by including the ability to purchase seeds and have them sent to their door, get regular reminders on what has been planted and how to take care of it, and a notification for when to harvest. It’s a learn as you go system.

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