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Photosynth Example – How to Take Great Photosynths

Photosynth is a software application that strings together photos, rendering a 3d image experience from a single point. It’s two main functions are:

  • Panorama
  • Synths

The panorama feature allows you to upload phosots to an image composite editor which will string the photos together for a near seamless experience of a panorama (much like how photos are strung together on Google Maps.

The Synth feature is slightly more complex in nature, and allows for a more 3d experience by highlighting the details of an object.

There is almost no learning curve to completing your first project with this software. However, it probably won’t turn out half as good as you’re expecting. There are some small caveats that you’ll easily learn as you make your first few synths as to what could be improved. For me, I recognized the following important points during my first three attempts:

  • Lighting is very important. Make sure all of the images are well lit. Outside pictures are taken best at around noon when the sun is high and dispersing light (mostly) equal among objects.
  • The more photos the better. Although the project will take longer to synth and render, it does almost nothing to the end user load time. So why not snap some more pictures and make it look a bit more put together?
  • Take your shots in an even pattern. I tried a few different methods, but the best one seemed to be to aim the camera down at 45 degrees, and snap in a circle, then 90 degrees in a circle, then 45 degrees vertical in a circle. Anything deviating from that makes the photostynth a bit clumpy when it stitches the photographs together.
    Boardman Lake Photosynth Example (location near public library):

    This photosynth was taken in a up, down, up down, up down, movement, scanning in this way as I slowly turned. The end result was a bit blotchy.

The service is free, you only need a windows live ID to sign into the utility. Instructions on how to get started are below:

How do I get Started?

First create a Photosynth account. Then download the tool or tools you need:

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