Ask the Expert: Optimizing your Google My Business listing

Ask the Expert is a blog series dedicated to answering your questions regarding entrepreneurship in the digital age.

When you’re starting or running your own business, it can be tricky to keep track of what types of accounts to maintain and how to optimize them. From Facebook to Yelp! reviews to your website, managing your digital presence can be a full-time job in and of itself. Plus, constraints, recommendations, and best practices are constantly changing, forcing most entrepreneurs to play catch-up or refrain from doing anything at all. The latter is what we all want to avoid since your business will likely suffer without social media and SEO. How do you draw the line?

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How To Engage Social Media Effectively as a Business

The short answer is: use it regularly. Obvious, eh?

Since we know you’re going to want the long answer, we suggest you strap in and work through understanding your audience, providing value up front for free, and taking care to spend your time wisely.

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Meet the Team: Erin Bernhard, Copywriter

Erin Bernhard is our resident wordsmith. Her responsibilities span from copywriting to social media management to search engine optimization – and her skills don’t stop there. Learn more about what makes Erin tick inside the Legendary Lion office:

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