Internet Piracy

In the wake of SOPA and PIPA and the millions of voices that shouted outcries to legislators not to shackle the one of the few profitable industries that America has left, internet piracy still remains. What is internet piracy, and why does it get so much attention?

Music Industry

According to CNN, digital music sales surpassed physical CD sales in January, 2012 [source]. According to Billboard, revenue from global recorded music industry dropped in 2012 by 3% to 16.6 billion, sourced from the Digital Music Report 2012 [source]. According to that same report the following countries showed the following as digital sale percentages of overall sales:

  • China: 71%
  • South Korea: 53%
  • United States: 52%

So what gets pirated the most? Rap music is pirated the most, with jazz holding rear guard.

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Search Engine Optimization

With the newest updates from Google and other search engine providers, search engine optimization is adapting rapidly to stay edgy and effective. So what is Search Engine Optimization? While SEO is not a perfect science, it is still effective in promoting websites to rank higher in search engine results, thus leading to more traffic and business.

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