The Acupuncture Clinic Charleston

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Project Discovery

Karyla (Pronounced “Karh-lah”) founded The Acupuncture Clinic Charleston. She had been in practice for many years, with a simple typography logo and website, but she wanted an update to her brand. She needed a new logo and a new website. When we met to discuss her needs, we found that we were going to be working with people who are will to try holistic medicine as a solution, and that this might be their first exploration into non-traditional medicine. The goal was to create something that was a simple that was approachable, soft, and had undertones of something a bit mystic or eccentric.


The Evolution

As we progressed through the design, we met with the client and discussed what worked and what didn’t, always reminding ourselves to place ourselves in the shoes of the clients, branding for what they would identify with. Below, you can see a transition through the iterations we explored until we found the right brand mark.


The Final Brand Design



Client Feedback

We really enjoyed working with Karyla on this brand. The abstract triad makes so much sense and connects with philosophical principles of the practice. We’re super happy with how it turned out and we can’t wait to see it on her printed products and signage.

When to Build a Website

The answer to when you should build a website is simple.


We’re just saying that because we’re a web development company, right? Well, we’re biased, sure, but we know from experience that a website can make or break a business.

Think about it. Marketing and business classes teach the importance of going to market before you have a product. Before you even have have the product itself, you should go to market to make sure there is built up interest in it. This process is pretty quick and simple. We’ll run you through it. Basically, you want to secure interest in whatever your doing or making first then you can get into actually providing and building the business. Most people tend to try to build a business first, then go back and brand or market the product, but that’s a high-risk and low-reward plan. It’s far better to make sure you have interest that will fill orders and get your branding and marketing on point for the people that you’ll be doing business with first. After that, you can focus on making and delivering the product or service.

Light Market Research

Before you do anything, you’ll want to do some light research on the market for your product or service. Basically, you want to aim to find out if people want to buy your thing. If they want to buy your thing, you can start learning more about who wants to and what they’re interested in. That’ll be very helpful information as you move into branding and marketing.

Branding and Marketing

People want your thing! Awesome! Now you should start considering how to package the thing. This is when you’ll start considering making a prototype of a physical product, or structure your service as clearly as you can so you know how you’ll deliver it to each customer. Part of this process is also hiring a designer to help you create a logo and a online presence (website, facebook, instagram, etc).

Selling and Operating

The fun part! After your branding and your marketing, you should have a firm grasp on how to make and deliver the thing, who you’re delivering the thing to, and how the thing will look and feel when it’s delivered.

Wrapping up

You’re going to want to have your website up far before you open your doors to your business. Having your website up in advance will help you market a big opening to your product or service, and allow you to focus on running the show when you open your doors. If you wait until your doors are open, you will experience less interest, and less traffic.


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