You’re the expert in what you do.

You should be focused on that and delivering a stellar experience to the people you’re working with. 

You should know, building great websites is so much more than knowing how to code. It’s about proper discovery, knowing who we’re talking to, and prioritizing information so that website visitors get exactly what they need, then developing an application that meets those needs. It’s a specialized process, and it takes a specialist to do it right and do it well.

We’re the experts at what we do.

Building great websites. 

We love building web applications. Working with people that are super passionate about their concepts, brands, and ideas excites us. We’re different because where others see barriers and roadblocks we see fun and opportunity.

This is what we like to do. When Legendary Lion Web Design is working on your web project, you don’t have to try to learn all of the web design on your own. We can build a website for you, the way that you want it, and we can equip you with some training in how to manage your website in just a couple of hours.

Don’t want to manage your website? No problem. We’ll take care of that for you. We will be your web consultant. The truth is, it’s a full time job just to keep up with web technology. That’s why you need us and that’s why we need you. We love this stuff, and you will give us the opportunity to work on a new project that we want to add to our portfolio.

Legendary Lion is focused on advising and coaching you on how to develop the very best web application to support your organization by keeping with an end-user-centric approach. Every decision is made with the end user in mind. No distractions. Clean and simple.

We’re making the internet a better place one website at at time, getting our client’s their Lion’s Share of the web.

Your brand presence on the web is crucial to how the public will view you and your credibility. This is your reputation online. Do it right the first time and make the right impression.

Schedule a consultation at our office so you can meet with an expert and walk through your idea. Let’s see if we are a good fit to work on a project together.

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