Apps help drive the modern world. From Asana to Spotify, apps help increase productivity and improve quality of life. We work with clients who are building new apps that add to the infrastructure of our world. Our app development process is unique and has been developed over years of building dozens of successful applications.

Building Applications

The key components of a successful app include:

  • Feature List (what is included in the app and what does it do)
  • Feature Shelf List (ideas for expanding and enhancing features in the future)
  • Website (a landing page where users learn about the app and sign up)
  • Marketing Plan (how to get your app in front of the people who need it)
  • Monetization Plan (how your app will generate money)

The Process

  • Project Planning and Discovery
  • Design
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Marketing and Engagement

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Your app will need support over time due to software updates, browser compatibility, and more…

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