The Online Counselling Directory

The Online Counseling Directory (Now: The Online Therapy Directory) is a directory of therapists that perform telehealth services. This project started in early 2016. Way ahead of it’s time, The Online Counseling Directory became an industry-leader in online therapy. Clay Cockrell, the founder of The Online Counseling Directory, worked with us to build the directory, and build marketing strategy to make the application successful.


  • Build an attractive paid-membership directory for therapists that provide online therapy services
  • Build a custom search that supported United States and International therapy licensing and client engagement
  • Create SEO-optimized landing pages to draw clients engagement to therapists
  • Provide ongoing marketing support through Success Strategy activities
  • Provide support with Better Help partnership and integration of therapists through API


  • WordPress CMS with custom extensions to paywall therapist memberships and house therapist profiles
  • Custom search to coordinate US and non-US searches to match the correct results of possible therapists
  • Create therapist profiles that could be updated by the therapists directly

Technology Used


The MVP build started with the therapist directory and search. Over time, we added more features that improved the interface. Improvements also allowed for more diverse therapist modalities to be included. An organic SEO campaign, paired with a badge program for therapists provided the marketing needed to amplify the search rankings to make pages and therapists easy to find for clients.


The Online Counselling Directory ultimately sold for nearly seven figures to an interested buyer after four years of development and marketing. The project is still active today.