w h i t e s p a c e

w h i t e s p a c e is a company that provides online business management services to virtual entrepreneurs. They free up CEO time to focus on the visionary activities in the business, by creating processes and executing on fulfillment activities.


  • Easy self-management
  • Integrate ability to sell digital download products with Stripe (Payment Processing)
  • Integration with Active Campaign (Email Marketing)
  • Integration with Acuity Scheduled (Appointments)
  • Facebook Pixel Integration (Facebook Ads)
  • Maintain extreme minimalistic design throughout the project. Design elements only include what is absolutely necessary


  • WordPress CMS with page builder to allow for easy self-management.
  • Form builder extension with Stripe integration to allow client to easily create new payment forms.

Technology Used


During the design process, we constantly evaluated ideas to ensure they were absolutely necessary for the project. Each element was given a substantial amount of white space to convey simplicity and make the content lightweight and as easy as possible to navigate.

The home page does not include a traditional header navigation, so as to not distract the visitor from the messaging and three primary services listed on the home page. The navigation is added on the inside pages after a user selects a primary service.


Within days of launch, the website was promoted and earned more digital download sales than anticipated. The site is self-managed, and continues to drive sales as an important component of the business.