Meet the Team: Chad Kelsey, Project Manager

Chad, our recently-appointed Project Manager, helps rein us in and keep us on task. His quirky personality makes him a joy to talk to and work with whether you’re a client or a co-worker.

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Meet the Team: Erin Bernhard, Copywriter

Erin Bernhard is our resident wordsmith. Her responsibilities span from copywriting to social media management to search engine optimization – and her skills don’t stop there. Learn more about what makes Erin tick inside the Legendary Lion office:

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Meet the Team: Kayla Keenan, Art Director

Kayla is the driving force behind all design elements both inside and outside the Legendary Lion office. Her keen eye and respect for the client’s wishes makes her an invaluable asset to the team. Here’s a look at Kayla’s thoughts on her work:

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Meet the Team: Josh Watson, Web Developer

Josh is our go-to for all things development. He has over ten years of experience in the industry and is constantly surprising us with his wealth of knowledge about development, design, and SEO. You can get to know Josh a little more by reading on:

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Meet the Team: Aaron Carpenter, CEO and Web Architect

At the helm of the Legendary Lion ship is Aaron and he’s directing us with full steam ahead. Aaron keeps us on our toes with his trusting but expectant management style and his interest in teaching us everything he knows. You can learn more about Aaron’s love for his company here:

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