December 8, 2015 Erin Bernhard

Client Showcase: MSU National Golf Championship

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Project Discovery

Matthew Myers is the chair of the MSU National Golf Championship, which is the primary project of the California Central Coast Michigan State University Alumni Club based in Monterey, California. The outdated, convoluted static site they had created for the golf tournament was neither informative nor navigable and didn’t come close to embodying the essence of the event.

Held annually at Pebble Beach Resorts, ‘Spartans at Pebble Beach’ pairs a premier golf experience with the very best in California Central Coast hospitality, all while raising funds for the next generation of Spartans.

Web Design

We redesigned his website,

Legendary Lion | Client Showcase: MSU National Golf Championship

“We were excited to have the opportunity to fully showcase our skills on a site with such a great story, style, and imagery. We were inspired by the beauty of Pebble Beach and had tons of fun powering through this project. Knowing the client was head-over-heels in love with what we decided to do didn’t hurt, either.” – Josh

Legendary Lion | Client Showcase: MSU National Golf Championship

Content Development and Copywriting

Matthew and the board were admittedly in need of our copywriting services in order to more fully tell the story of Pebble Beach and the golf championship. The legacy site’s sitemap was a rabbit hole with little opportunity to salvage existing copy. Josh and Erin worked side-by-side to make determinations about what should be showcased and how to write it.

“This project totally energized me to write beautiful copy. Describing the majesty of the Monterey Bay area – with just images, videos, and research to guide me – was an incredible opportunity to hone my vocabulary in order to convince potential golfers to finally take the plunge and visit Pebble Beach.” – Erin

Client Feedback

Matthew and the board of the California Central Coast Michigan State University Alumni Club were blown away with how quickly we were able to turn around their website. Now, they’re considering SEO services so that we can further spread the word about the MSU National Golf Championship at Pebble Beach.

“The ‘look and feel’ of our new site is amazing! We told you exactly what we wanted and you delivered. [The most memorable part of working with Legendary Lion is] responsiveness. We call and you respond… immediately!” – Matthew

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