We also offer as-needed consultations on subjects like SEO Strategy, Online Marketing Strategy, Optimization Recommendations, and more. If you need an hour of time with a specialist to get answers to your questions, or have an analysis of your current project, we can schedule a session to review that with you as-needed.

Consultations and Advice

Sometimes you need advice or training on a specific topic and it isn’t part of the design or development process of a project. For those occasions, we provide consultation sessions, purchased in hour-long blocks, to meet with you to review your needs, answer your questions, and provide advice and recommendations. We’ve met with clients to discuss strategy, consult on the technology, and more. We are available to you to discuss your project and what we’d recommend in a build plan.

Examples of these types of paid consultations include:

Business Naming
We lead you to water, the rest is all up to you. In our experience the name has to come from the entrepreneur so they feel they own it and it’s really a part of them.

Search Engine Optimization
What is the best way to get exposure to the website? How to rank well on key phrases.

Web Marketing
How to drive engagement, how much is a lead worth, what are the best platforms to focus on, how many platforms should you focus on.

Search Engine Optimization
What would be the best way to get your website to load faster. How can you improve the image quality, or image file sizes? What technology in your website is due to become antiquated and will need to be replaced soon? A consultation on this subject can answer any of these questions and more.

Not everything fits neatly into a category. We can provide consultations as-needed as long as the subject you’d like to discuss is firmly within our wheelhouse. Reach out to schedule an appointment and if we’re not able to help you, we can definitely refer you to someone who can (free of charge)

For projects, the first discovery appointment is free. Subsequent appointments are at a rate of $150 per hour.