Creative Agencies

We’ve been networking with agencies all over the world. We’re an active pro member of UGURUS, and have attended multiple events across the United States including HubSpot Inbound marketing conferences. Over the years, we even developed a software to assist with client management and operations in a creative agency (Agency Companion).

Building Communities

Over the years, Legendary Lion has founded multiple Build Guild networking groups and hosted monthly events that bring designers, developers, and marketers together. At events, we talk about tools of the trade and best practices to promote learning from each other and growing together.

Agency Companion

Operating a creative agency requires attention in a lot of places. Navigating new clients, the sales process, and keeping track of client requests. With so much activity going on, it can be difficult to keep things from slipping through the cracks. We developed a software over years in the business that keeps all of that activity in one place, and is easily manageable from a computer or mobile device.

Guest Speaking / Keynotes

Aaron Carpenter has attended universities and online events as a guest speaker on the subject of design, development, and client management. His primary topics are:

  • How to give clients agency over the process while sticking to scope
  • Modern Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Digital Marketing Budgeting by Industry and Growth Profile