1. How much does it cost?

It totally depends on what you need. Our services can range from ___ to ___. To get a better idea of what it would cost for you, click here to get a free no-obligation quote.

2. how long does it take?

Again, it totally depends on your project. Our services typically between ___ to ____.

3. What’s required of me?

We’re experts in our field, so we expect you to be experts in yours. You should expect to provide us with all content, photos, and other files you want on your site. And we encourage creative input and suggestions along the way.

4. what if I don’t know anything about web stuff

That’s what we’re here for! We want this to be as simple as possible for you. Anything you don’t understand, we’ll explain what you need to know.

5. what about hosting?

We offer premium web hosting for only $10 per month.

6. what if someone else designs my site for me

No problem. Bring your design to us and we’ll handle the development.

7. do you use templates or themes?

We typically customize our own themes so you can get a site that looks and works the way you want it to.


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