Project Planning Workshop

You have an idea for a website or app, but how much is it going to cost? Who can you trust to work with? Will you like the people you’re working with?

In this phase, we work together in a Project Planning Workshop. When we’re done, you’ll have clarity on what needs to be done with a project plan that is clear to understand – most importantly, you’ll have an opportunity to see for yourself if we’re the right fit for your project.

Your first discovery call is free.

Project Planning & Discovery

During this phase, we ask exploratory questions to discover exactly what you need. We also collect content (including images, writing, and design examples to reference) so that we have a full understanding of what’s included – and what’s missing. Each project is unique, so we continue meeting together until we are confident we understand the full scope of what you need and have all of the information to create a timeline and estimate of resources needed to complete the project. Each session typically lasts up to one hour. In the spirit of making sure we’re the right fit for your project, your first Project Planning & Discovery session is always free. Subsequent sessions are at a rate of $150/session.

When we’re done, you’ll have everything you need to kick-off a project successfully.

Average amount of sessions:
Simple Websites: 1-2 Sessions
Advanced Websites: 3-5 Sessions
Apps: 5-10 Sessions

The Project Planning & Discovery process concludes with a completed Project Roadmap, which is a collection of all of the organized information needed to build out your project.

Project Roadmap

A Project Roadmap includes:

  • Strategy and Content
    • Audience Overview
    • Sitemap
    • Content Writing Requirements
    • Image Library
    • Feature Requirements
    • Feature Shelf List (ideas discussed, but not included)
    • Recommended Platform and Extensions
    • Estimated Timeline
    • Estimated Budget
  • Initial Wireframes (Recommended Layouts)
    • Pages with unique layouts
    • Pages with unique design requirements (must-see pages before development)