Web Marketing

Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. To drive traffic and generate warm leads for your business, you’ll need to define your audience’s wants and needs, then create a clear plan to connect with them to create engagement and sales. We have a process that walks you through identifying and developing the materials you need to drive engagement.

Our Signature Solution:

Success Strategy

Transparent Performance-Based Digital Marketing

Consultation and Analysis
During our initial consultation and analysis, we’ll review your industry, identify your growth profile (how aggressively you want to invest in marketing to grow the business), and your target audience. When we’re done, you’ll have concrete information on how much you should be investing in paid advertising, what value you can provide that your clients would be most interested in, and how to engage your audience with those assets.

Gain Clarity
Marketing Budget Review and Analysis
Conversion Tracking “Get Clarity”
Track your progress, know how much is going out and how much is coming in
Build clear measurable goals
Build systems to track progress on goals
Monthly Meetings, Quarterly strategy sessions
Action Avatar, Action Magnet, Action Page

Drive Traffic
Search Engine Optimization “Help Customers Find You”
Paid Advertising “Increase Engagement”
Conversion Videos “High Quality Visuals”
Search Engine Optimization => Get Found
Build desirable / sharable content

Boost Sales
Funnel Development “Increase Sales”
Squeeze pages ( Lead Generation Pages )
Content Creation (Video Ads, Image Ads)