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What is the Website Starter Bundle?

The best website you can buy while keeping your costs low.

Maybe you’re just starting your business, or maybe you’re on a tight budget because you’re spending marketing dollars in more than one place. We found that not everyone that came to us had a huge budget to spend on the process that it takes to build a custom website.

The Website Starter Bundle is a service we came up with that refines down our typical web application design and development process into it’s most basic and necessary parts. By doing that, we can offer the professional process that we’ve refined from developing custom websites for years, but we trim what you don’t need to keep costs low. If you’re on a budget, or if you just want to keep website costs low, this is totally for you.

How does it work?

We tell you what we need – you provide what we need – we build the site. That simple.

You’ll have a chance to review the website before it goes live, request any changes needed, and after we make those changes we go live. We keep it super simple. We’ll let you know in advance everything that we need, and we put it all together when you get it to us. Things that we might need often include: your logo, what you need to ask on forms, your photography, descriptions of services, hours, phone number, etc.

Always included in the Website Kickstarter Bundle

WordPress Content Management

WordPress was invented to help non-coders manage their website. We’ll use this platform so that when we’re done, you can log into your own site to make your own updates, add pages, images, content, and more!


Internet usage is shifting ever more into the mobile world. Every project is optimized for mobile phones and tablet devices.

Unlimited Pages

Not sure how many pages you’re going to end up needing on your website? No problem. This platform will allow you to make an unlimited amount of pages on your website.

Online Forms / Contact Forms

We can add forms that you’d normally have people fill out by paper on your site! No more keeping track of papers, everything goes right to your email. This also works for appointment requests, and more!

Google Analytics

Gooogle Analytics is a powerful, free, website traffic tracking software. We’ll create an account for you and hook it up to your website so you can track how many visitors your website is getting!

Website Hosting

When you have a website online, you need web hosting. That’s how people are able to access your website 24/7. We provide hosting as part of our Website Kickstarter Bundle package.

Choose from these additional features:

Appointment Scheduler

Several services to choose from, whichever you choose will be integrated with your website and calendar.

50 Creative Commons Images

Great images to use for your website backgrounds, services, or blog post featured images!

Photo Gallery

Submit your images to us and we’ll style a gallery, this also works to show off a portfolio of work!

Additional Pages Written

Need some help writing your pages? No problem, we can help you out!

Social Media Page Setup

We will help you with getting your social media pages set up and configuring all of those settings and adding the right image sizes!

Basic Search Engine Optimization

We’ll set you up with the right software and optimize your first pages for you to help you get started ranking well in search engines.

Don’t see what you need listed? Let us know, we may be able to include it in this package!

Kickstart Frameworks

Whichever framework you choose will be customized with the additional features you selected as well as your colors, logo, and content. By the time we’re done, it will look much more like your brand. Just take a look and see which one you like the most (where most of the road is paved) and we’ll use that as a starting point.



Okay, looks awesome, how much?

$497 Down + $59/mo.

That’s it. No long-term contractual obligation. The service is month to month as long as you want to keep your site online. We believe our service is so good you’ll want to stick around.


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