You need your website to be built in a way that helps your business grow. Web design is a blend of art and science to create an overall experience for your customers to be able to quickly and easily find what they need and take the actions that create sales in your business.

We work with you to identify what your goals are, and advise you along the way of the project on how to best build a website that can deliver on those goals.

The Process

To set the foundation for your website, we always start with a discovery and project planning process. During this stage, we will identify a sitemap – a list of organized pages and views that will make up your project. We’ll discuss your target audience, what tone best connects with that audience, and what features are needed to be able to deliver the right experience.

Our discovery process includes a content inventory, where we identify and evaluate what you already have written that can be used for the website. If you don’t have content (or if more is needed for individual pages) we also offera one-pass copywriting process, which builds everything we need for the project, and allows you the ability to refine it later.

By the end of the discovery and project planning process, you’ll have documents that outline everything you need to move into design, and all of the creative assets that we can anticipate we’ll need to build the project.

During our initial design process, we use all assets gathered up to this point to create an A/B concept – two strong concepts to compare so that we can review with you and select the right look and feel for your project.

A staging area is created for development, where we build out the web project referencing the designs for the creative assets and layout.

Projects are deployed after development is completed to a web hosting environment.

Additional Services

Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. You’ll need to have a clear plan to drive traffic to the website from a targeted audience. We can drive engagement to your website and business through our success strategy program.

Website Hosting
Hosting gets your website online and keeps it secure against hackers or security threats, so it’s important to choose a hosting option that you can trust and depend on.

With automatic updates and a 99% uptime, our servers are fast, reliable, and managed by our experienced team of technicians.

Email Setup
You may also want professional email addresses that use your domain name like We can help you set up emails for your organization using Office365 or GSuite.

If any issues arise, our Michigan-based team is one phone call away to help you quickly and easily resolve any potential threats and provide answers to your questions.