Make The Internet Work For You – Automate Tasks

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Services like IFTTT and Zapier exist to help people connect different web applications together and make certain tasks online automated.  The real value in using these services is saving time.  Invest a little bit of time up front, and get massive returns in time after.

IFTTT is simple to pick up and follows a very simple “if this then that” format.  For instance, when you take a picture on your mobile phone with Instagram and upload it to your account, you can program dropbox to then snag that picture and add it to a specific folder.  Or, when you star an email in gmail, you can have it pushed automatically to your Evernote account.

Pretty nifty right?

Zapier works much the same way, and has a lot of configuration options available.  If you are planning events in a spreadsheet, you can program the spreadsheet events and dates to automatically create appointments in your Google Calendar.

The internet is evolving to a place where it is increasingly easier to get web applications to talk with each other.  Anyone can take advantage of this and add automated tasks by signing up for one of these services.

If you find yourself doing the same task over and over, or copying and pasting between apps, you should definitely look into these services.