Quickly Check if your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Quickly Check if your Website is Mobile-Friendly

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Wondering if your website is mobile friendly? Try this free tool provided by Google to quickly check if your website is mobile friendly: Google Mobile-Friendly Website Checking Tool.

A responsive website is defined as a site that detects the users’ screen size and orientation and adjusts its layout accordingly. This is a very different idea than a mobile-version site. Mobile sites are designed separately, although carrying many of the CSS or design properties of the full-sized site.

Here come the facts

According to ComScore – a leader in internet browsing behavior statistical analysis, users are changing devices more often when browsing the internet.


Why is this important? Your website may not show up correctly on these devices, and if they don’t, they’re due for a responsive web design upgrade.

Do you own your own website but you’re wondering if your website is mobile responsive?

Here’s one quick way to check.

For windows users, click the window button in the upper right-hand corner next to the ‘x’ to re-size your window (upper left corner for Mac users). Squeeze your browser window back and forth along the from left to right to see what happens.

If the content on the site reorients itself to fit into the window, that site is a responsive website. However, if the layout stays the same, the site has a fixed layout.

Why would someone want a fixed layout?

You may not need to check if your website is mobile friendly if you have a separate website to handle mobile devices (by way o redirection). However, this is an old way of handling your website visitors, and no longer the industry standard.