What’s Unique About Your Business?

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What’s Unique about your business?  You are.  That’s right.  You.  Not the things you sell, not the services you provide.  You’re the most awesome reason your business is awesome.  Do you think it matters what kind of guitar Dave Grohl picks up to play?  Nope.  He’d rock out on everything from a rockband controller to a Charcoal Black Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 with Ivory Bird Inlays.

Sometimes you’re tempted to believe that there is something special about what you do, but the truth is people buy you.  They buy into your personality, your energy, your excitement, and your philosophy.  They buy why you do what you do.  Don’t ever forget that. So if the tools don’t matter and it’s all about you, what do you think you should be focused on when you’re building something for others?  You should be focused on two things.  Them and you.  Don’t forget that you’re the reason there is a business in the first place, and you’re the reason that people buy into that business because you created it.  Take some time to really get comfortable with that and the rest of your branding and messaging will appreciate it.  Your customers will too.