Managing Your Interactions on the Web

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Part of what makes the internet so amazing is the diversity of ideas and information that is immediately available. If you need a question answered, Google it. After that search, you may find yourself blazing around the internet looking at websites you’ve never visited before, browsing Facebook, or listening to new music. Before you know it, hours have gone by and you’ve made many new connections on the web.

It’s important to choose who and what you’re interacting with. In the age of information where you are pummeled with advertisements, call to action statements, legal statements, and shout outs to Facebook and Twitter by all of your favorite Fortune 500 companies at the end of their commercials, you naturally start improving your ability to process loads of information everyday. You try to remember what is important and discard the rest as not worth remembering.

Isn’t it a little annoying that after years of going through this process you’ve had to switch e-mail accounts because of the amount of spam that floods your inbox? Or, do you have so many bookmarks at the top of your internet browser that you have links to things you never visit?

Put your computer on a diet and trim the fat. Spend about 5 minutes a day cleaning up after yourself. Here is a list of things you can do to clean up your workspace and keep your system.

  1. Clean up your bookmarks, file them in appropriate folders. Internet browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari have an option in the menu to organize your bookmarks into folders and remove unused links.
  2. Organize your My Documents folder, archive unused files onto a backup drive or disk.
  3. Run through your program manager and remove and uninstall any bloatware or unused programs to improve disk space.
  4. Go through your My Downloads folder and file and remove unused downloads
  5. If you use a browser like Chrome or Firefox sync your bookmarks with a login so that your links are available from any location
  6. If your in a business setting, set aside a specific amount if time (20-30minutes) to go through your Emails. Reapeat this only twice.or three times a day to minimize.time spent in your inbox and maximize time working on tasks and objectives.
  7. If you have multiple Email accounts, create a gmail account and funnel all of your accounts into one inbox to eliminate inbox switching and create a space where all of your Email accounts can be viewed at a glance.
  8. Take a break. If you work on a computer, schedule a break to rest.your eyes and mind and recharge yourself.