Top Ten Effective Call to Action Phrases

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As a design firm located in Traverse City, Michigan, Legendary Lion Web Design understands the importance of standing out in a crowd. Some of the clients we serve are in very competitive industries and need an internet presence that sets them apart from their competitors. One instrument that really makes a difference in getting our clients their “Lion’s Share of the Web” is including a call to action, above the fold, on their website.

Certain phrases in a call to action work better than others. The buttons employed as objects that can be clicked also should be interactive and look attractive such as the example below:
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Call to Action Buttons

Here is a breakdown of the top ten phrases that receive the highest conversion rates, based on our research:

  1. Free Trial: Short, simple and sweet on the eye of your user, this phrase combined with an aesthetically attractive button will almost always snag a user into testing out your product or service. How many times have you tried something in the store because it was free? Free is awesome, and if you offer a free trial to your users, and you have something worth buying, odds are in your favor that you’ll get more sales by allowing users to try before they buy.
  2. No Obligation: Just short of being free, this is a sexy phrase too. All across the web, sites attempt to offer something but require the user to engage in an agreement or contract, or enter a credit card number before allowing them access to a privilege. While this may work for some particular industries in rare instances, you are more likely to benefit from allowing your user to get something without an obligation. Will you end up with a lot of freeloaders? Sure. But that is not the point. The point is that you’ll get more total conversions, and likely at a ratio to cost benefit that is much higher. Isn’t that you’re ultimate goal anyway?
  3. Buy Now: Ranking in third, this phrase is actually awesome for websites that are running an e-commerce solution and are engineered to sell something to a user. While not as effective at creating overall conversions, on websites that are e-commerce, users are probably already there to buy something anyway, and the easier and more direct you make that process for the user will lead to more sales and ultimately more revenue for the client.
  4. Reserve Now: This phrase creates a strong emotional response that, depending on the sense of emergency in the text copy, will drive the user to engage out of fear that they will miss out on the offer if they do not immediately take action. This can be very useful and convincing in situations where inventory or timetables are a factor in a product.
  5. Tell Us What You Think: As a customer service management tool, this phrase is killer. How important do you think your opinion is about any given topic? Very important right? Well as it turns out, everyone else thinks that way too. Their opinion is the most important, and given the opportunity, they are often willing to take time to share it. the benefit here is that a business can immediately identify and improve upon trouble areas. It also allows you to show your users you appreciate them and what they think, which goes a long way toward their sense of your credibility in their world.
  6. Get it now!: Today’s world is all about instant gratification. Anything less is unacceptable to an internet user. Working on reducing the number of clicks it takes a user to get from their intention to their gratification is the primary goal of any experience web architect.
  7. Talk to an expert: Applicable to only some unique industries, this phrase still packs a punch. Especially in the case of legal, medical, or travel advice, people want to talk to an expert. Why? Because their situation or question is so unique that it becomes impossibly difficult to find the information that answers their exact question. The idea here is that an opportunity is available loud and proud at the top of a web application that allows the user the opportunity to talk to someone who can understand their unique situation, offer advice, and provide a conversion point within the conversation.
  8. “To Get This, Do This”: In other words, to get a free version of our e-book, give us your email address. Asking for something small in return for something a user really wants is not the best way to get them to engage, but the ones that do are hotter leads because they are more willing to give something up to enjoy whatever service or product the website provides. This is especially useful in situations where a client has an enormous amount of leads, and wouldn’t mind squeezing the funnel down a bit to increase the quality of leads and the warmth of the leads for their sales team to approach.
  9. Take the Tour: Only ranking 9th because it is a delay in getting the user what they came for in the first place, this phrase is useful when the product or service has a learning curve, or is pricey. In these cases, giving a demonstration via video, or web application of the product or service allows for an opportunity to connect with the user and get them to feel more comfortable before engaging further.
  10. Satisfaction Guaranteed: In the economy of 2012 it is hard for some businesses to absolutely guarantee their work to their client. However, it is just as important as ever to the client for the businesses that can, considering their disposable income is tight and they need some assurance that whatever their purchasing is not going to fail.

If your website is selling your service, product, or yourself, and you don’t have a call to action on your website, you’re missing out. Contact Legendary Lion Web Design to learn more about how to implement a call to action on your website and increase online traffic and sales. Traverse City Web Design is a practice that focuses on high quality branding, loud statements, and advanced internet presence across multiple platforms. Get your Lion’s Share of the web today, call us at (231) 714-4932.

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