Google and DNSChanger New Worm Fix

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DNSChanger Worm, DNSChanger Virus. What is it? A new worm has spread that tries to redirect users to various targeted websites by modifying their DNS settings. But what does this mean for the average user?

DNS, or domain name service, is a system that allows you to type in a specific name to reach a website. For exampe, will take you to the website. But there is more going on behind the scenes when you type in an address like that, or click a link from the Google Search results.

So what actually happens? When you type in a web address your computer sends a request for that name to DNS computers connected to the internet asking for which address (ip address) is associated with the name request. An ip address is similar to the your house address, it gives a location for your computer to connect to in order for you to view the website or file you’re linking to. This system allows for us to be able to remember and use names and words as aliases to numbers.

This new worm, called the DNSChanger, modifies this process to feed you information that is invalid. Why does it do this? To take advantage of the “pay-per-click” advertising of search engines like Google.

What does this mean for you? Google will begin blocking their service to infected computers. The good news? There are solutions to this problem, although, the solutions can be quite involved because of the complexity of the nature of the issue. The average PC user might not be able to handle this fix on their own.

Fortunately, Google and other organizations are springing to the rescue to help prevent further damage from this new DNSChanger worm.

You can test your computer by going to the following url:

And get more information on how to fix this issue if you are infected here: